Wednesday 24 November 2010

Hot pink nails and red lips

this photo of Lizzie Jagger for Dominic Jones Jewellery
this post by Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style

I never paint my nails. Never meaning once a year or less. But this combo looks so damn appealing, non?


daisychain said...

You've just reminded me how badly I need to paint mine!

rouli said...

love the first pic:)

A BRIT GREEK said...

Mais oui!! Love pink and i absolutely adore red!

I'm one of those weirdo who have to wear polish all year round, except for the one night breathers!

Düğün Salonları said...

very good site thans sharing

Maria said...

I always felt that hot pink and red simply did not match. Something like navy blue and black. But after seeing the first picture, I'm starting to reconsider. :)