Friday 12 November 2010

City Fashion and Fusion

I'm a little late to post this, but there's still time:

If you find yourselves in downtown Athens this weekend, do make an effort and go through the Spyromilios passage in the City Link Commercial Center, the same building where Attica is located.

City Fashion & Fusion exhibition is taking place there, featuring recent work by over 30 Greek fashion designers and artists.

We're talking big names here, take a taste:
by Dimitris Dassios

Breastplate Sur Mesure, 2010
by Daphne Valente

Silk organza dress AW2010-11
by Vasso Consola

Dinner Dress and Shoes
by Eleni Aggelou

Air de Paris , 2010
by Marios Boutsinas

Being an architect, I could not wrap this post without mentioning a some important architectural trivia:

The City Link building is an important part of the architectural heritage of Athens.

My architecture history professor Vassilis Kolonas has written a whole book about its history. It was recently renovated and is now housing one of the biggest department stores in Athens, two theatres, one deluxe gym and several coffee shops and big name boutiques, like Dolce&Gabbana and Hermes.

Conceptual sketch of the passage renovation by the hand of Nikos Venianakis, one of the team of Kizis Architects who designed the whole project.

The finished project, photo by Yiorgis Gerolympos.

It is generally considered one of best big-scale recent renovation projects in Greece and its photo graces the cover of Architectural Transformations by professor Dimitris Filippidis, the most famous Greek architecture historian of our time.

Architectural analysis aside, if you wish to see the exhibition free of charge you should hurry up and head towards City Link this weekend.

The exhibition ends this Sunday, November 14th.


Alice said...

Very impressive building and nice post! I have never seen or heard about it though (not that I go to athens too often) was it famous before the renovation?

Lopi said...

είναι το Μετοχικό Ταμείο Στρατού, μπορεί να το έχεις ακούσει και σίγουρα το έχεις δει, είναι λίγο πιο πάνω από το Σύνταγμα

The Physicist said...

very impressive indeed!
I wish I could visit!!

Chalkdust and Boots said...

Oh, wow! My husband's best friend works right around there, so I've spent many happy summer evenings waiting for him with my husband and taking it all in. Sigh.