Thursday 11 November 2010


Spyros kindly demonstrating how I look today.

Way too tired from yesterday's out-of-town trip, eating junk food while reading all your posts about 4FASHIONSHAKE II, trying to appear alert and failing miserably.
Back to usual posting soon.


Velveteen said...

He's pure beauty!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I have a lady for him!

Elena said...

What a man! I love him I love him I love him!
I must come by your house soon I miss him! :p

Maria S.. said...

I've seen you at Volos yesterday! oh, I wanted to come and talk with you but I didn't... Your skirt and your shoes were BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

Lopi said...

και ο δικός σου δεν πάει πίσω ;)

hurry, he's getting the chop real soon, and I don't mean his hair :$

the feelings are mutual, so he tells me

@Maria S.
thank you so much! why didn't you come and say hi???

annie said...

so cute

Raquel said...

ohh such a cutie! I miss my cat :( said...

he is indeed my boy's twin!!!!!! arent we lucky to live with the cutest cats on earth, bless him he's a beaut!!!! x

mahler76 said...

άχου φάτσααααα!!!!